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Omar Zarabi, Founder and CEO
While large organizations have dedicated Information Technology (IT) teams and the financial strength to ensure information security, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) lack the personnel and resources required to maintain a resilient cybersecurity posture. Previously, cyber-attacks were targeted at enterprises, but this trend has shifted, and attackers are going after smaller organizations at an alarming rate. The surge in the number of security breaches is partially due to the explosion of data being generated worldwide and the proliferation of cryptocurrencies that provide hackers a safe means of collecting ransom. Companies relying on legacy antivirus and firewall solutions can no longer rest assured since today’s cybercriminals have grown sophisticated and such security measures are easily bypassed by advanced techniques.

In response to these ever-increasing cyber threats, the information security market is booming with several cybersecurity solutions that claim to use technologies such as predictive analysis and big data intelligence. “If you have ever attended an RSA conference, you would agree that the amount of noise generated by the marketing teams of various cybersecurity companies actually makes it more difficult to choose a solution that best fits your organization,” remarks Omar Zarabi, Founder and CEO of Port53 Technologies. “Making Cybersecurity Simple,” Port53 Technologies cuts through this noise and helps SMBs implement IT security solutions that best meet their business needs. Port53 Technologies partners with proven and established cyber and cloud security pioneers, helping SMBs leverage the same protection that Fortune 500 companies deploy in their environments at a reasonable price point.

San Francisco-based Port53 Technologies focuses on delivering enterprise-grade, cloud-enabled solutions that are easy to deploy, simple to manage, and extremely effective. Cloud facilitates the massive computing, storage, and analytical power required to deliver an advanced security platform. Additionally, cloud-delivered solutions follow a pay-as-you-go model, which is ideal for SMBs. “We offer risk-free consultations, along with assistance in evaluating, testing, and procuring cloud-delivered IT security technology and training solutions,” explains Zarabi. Port53 Technologies eliminates the need to rely on multiple security solutions from different vendors by helping SMBs with a holistic and integrated approach to security, ensuring network, endpoint, data, applications and identity protection.

We offer risk-free consultations, along with assistance in evaluating, testing, and procuring cloud-delivered IT security solutions

As a Cisco Preferred Security partner, Port53 Technologies helps implement Cisco cloud offerings such as Umbrella (formerly Open DNS), a cloud security platform that predictively and proactively prevents command-and-control callbacks, malware, botnet, and phishing.

Zarabi recounts an instance where Port53 Technologies helped a Louisiana-based healthcare organization defend against malware attacks. While the client had already installed a security stack to protect their network, they lacked endpoint protection. Malware attacks occurred when employees reconnected to the company network after having inadvertently accessed malicious websites when they were disconnected. Port53 Technologies helped the client deploy Cisco Umbrella in their environment as an all-encompassing solution against cyber threats, which leverages domain name system (DNS) to stop threats over all ports and protocols before they reach endpoints and networks. This enabled the client to gain visibility into internet activity across all devices whether they were on or off the network and prevent attacks before a connection is established. Within one week of deploying Umbrella, upwards of 4,000 malware attacks were blocked, with over a 98 percent reduction in threat reports from the client’s antivirus and firewall solution.

Moving forward, Port53 Technologies is aiming to expand its solution portfolio to include a comprehensive, cloud-delivered, and integrated security stack that utilizes Cisco Umbrella as its lynchpin to integrate different aspects of security such as Identity and Access Management, Email Security, Cloud Security and Endpoint Security. As a value-added security partner to hundreds of SMBs nationwide, Port53 Technologies continues to deliver enterprise-grade security solutions seamlessly, ensuring client satisfaction by helping them leverage the true potential of the Cloud.

Port53 Technologies

San Francisco, CA

Omar Zarabi, Founder and CEO

Delivers enterprise-grade, cloud-delivered security solutions

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