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Omar Zarabi, Founder & CEO
Being an IT professional in a small or medium-sized organization is more difficult today than ever before in history. Unlike large enterprise organizations that have massive IT teams and resources to handle different aspects of information technology, SMB’s usually have a handful of individuals responsible for everything in IT. To add to that, the amount of noise in today’s technology landscape driven by broad-based marketing tactics has made it difficult for individuals to determine what the best solutions are for their environment. Due to this, too many SMB’s are falling victim to analysis-paralysis, getting caught up in a cycle of research and testing without ever deploying the solutions that are best for their organization.

This is especially true in the cyber-security aspect of technology. “With the increase in cyber-attacks targeting companies big and small, we have seen a massive increase in the amount of noise in the information security market, making it difficult for IT Professionals to stay on top of the technology that best suits their organization,” points out Omar Zarabi, Founder and CEO, Port53 Technologies. Rising to this occasion, Port53 Technologies partners with proven and established cyber and cloud security pioneers, giving SMB’s the ability to leverage the same security protection that Fortune 50 companies deploy in their environments.

The San Francisco, CA-based Port53 Technologies is focused on delivering enterprise-grade, cloud-delivered security technologies that are easy to deploy, simple to manage and extremely efficient, helping customers not only get a bigdata and predictive approach to security, but also a more integrated and automated approach. Port53 Technologies is currently working closely with Cisco’s leading security offerings in Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Cloudlock, as well as other cloud-delivered security solutions such as OneLogin and Crowdstrike. “The cloud allows for unlimited compute, unlimited storage, and unlimited analytical power, which creates an incredible platform to deliver advanced, proactive security protection at a pay-as-you-use model, which is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.”

Zarabi says, “With the power and elasticity of the cloud, we can leverage an organization’s existing infrastructure, and with a few simple changes in network settings, can greatly decrease the chance of breaches or data exfiltration, giving SMB organizations a fighting chance against today’s advanced and persistent attacks.”

By leveraging the power and elasticity of the cloud, we are giving SMB organizations a fighting chance against today’s advanced and persistent attacks

On a strategic front, it is witnessed that a major benefit of the cloud is the ability to integrate different solutions and deliver a holistic view of an organization’s cloud environment and the associated risks. Port53 Technologies delivers this holistic view to its customers with its free Cloud- Security Assessment (CSA) offering. “We know that Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions like Cloudlock are imperative in bringing visibility into sensitive data and user behavior within company-provisioned cloud applications,” explains Zarabi. This visibility is great, but there needs to be action items associated with that user behavior to ensure the protection of sensitive data within the apps.

“By leveraging an Identity and Asset Management tool such as OneLogin alongside Cloudlock, and by allowing the technologies to communicate with each other, we are able to not only see what a user is doing within the cloud application, but we can now set criteria and shut off access to a specific cloud application if the user is out of compliance,” Zarabi explains. “This is extremely important, especially as the issue of Shadow IT continues to cause a hitch for IT departments big and small.”

“With a mission to ‘Make Cyber Security Simple,’ Port53 Technologies has been of invaluable assistance to numerous companies over the years. As technology evolves and cyber attacks continue to become sophisticated, Zarabi and his team are well-positioned to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. “We will be SMBs’ ‘go-to’ partner for cloud security,” concludes Zarabi.

Port53 Technologies

San Francisco, CA

Omar Zarabi, Founder & CEO

Delivers enterprise-grade, cloud-delivered security technologies to today’s small and medium-sized business

Port53 Technologies