Terma Software: Enhancing Workload Schedulers with Rich Visualization and Analytics

Shane Hade, CEO
In today’s environment, large companies across various sectors handle a multitude of tasks each day, most of which are inter-dependent. As such, a technology high in demand among leading companies that is used to schedule large workloads is Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, an automated workload scheduler. Given today’s market competition, simple automation of workload scheduling is no longer enough and companies therefore desire to have detailed reporting and visualization to achieve optimum operational efficiency. “What we do, as a valuable Cisco partner, is to help its clients realize greater value out of the underlying scheduling product,” says Shane Hade, CEO, Terma Software. Headquartered in Boulder, CO, Terma Software works with an agile development model to provide incisive solutions in the field of workload reporting, prediction and visualization with the goal of being a single and cross-operations workload platform (aka “a single pane of glass”). Terma Software stresses the importance of understanding the client’s pain points and then fine-tuning its solutions accordingly. Hade explains, “It's really not enough just to have workload automation technology because without comprehensive experience and a thorough understanding of risks, companies won’t reach that extra mile. Through the use of our products as well as leveraging our expertise in the space, we can assist companies in their efforts to have a fully optimized workload environment.” Terma Software’s solution fully integrates into Cisco’s Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, as both companies work closely and are aware of each other’s developments. Hade acknowledges, “Cisco is a valued channel partner – they refer clients to us when they express the need for mature workload operations.”

The company has two flagship products which work in tandem: Terma INSIGHT™ and JAWS™ Workload Analytics which jointly deliver critical reporting and predictive monitoring from a business process and service perspective. “The ability to forecast and predict the duration of complex, interconnected processes is invaluable. It is essential in reducing the risks associated with the potential for IT operation’s unforeseen incidents and meeting critical deadlines,” explains Hade.
“Our Optimization Services identify risks inherent in complex workload environments, and we help customers implement changes that mitigate those risks and reduce their costs.” The Optimization Services offering is tailored to each of its clients, leveraging Terma’s extensive expertise in the job scheduling space. Terma Software has a large clientele consisting of companies having exceedingly complex, interdependent workloads across industries and geographies. One client, a large-scale manufacturer, was incurring losses due to irregularities in the assembly line which was operating very expensive devices. The manufacturer chose Terma Software to provide business congruity. Through Terma Software’s predictive analytics and rich visualization, the company could identify the errors and rectify their scheduling, thus making it more competitive and financially stable than ever before.

We were ahead of our time by recognizing the importance of big data analytics before it was a common terminology

“We help enterprises design and configure more efficient, simpler workloads,” Hade says. “We don't have a direct competitor currently since what we provide is unique and we have been pioneers in this field. We were ahead of our time by recognizing the importance of big data analytics before it was a common terminology.”

Hade concludes, “The astounding growth we have enjoyed this past year, with 60 percent year over year increase in revenues, is testimony to the fact that corporations are in need of more sophisticated ways to handle their batch. The tools of the past are insufficient to provide the type of analytics that businesses now understand they need. That’s what we provide.”

Terma Software

Boulder, CO

Shane Hade, CEO

Provider of advanced workload analytics, predictive monitoring, and reporting solutions for scheduling and workload automation across industries.