TachTech: Accelerating IT Innovation

Kyle Rosenthal, CEO
Businesses are under constant pressure to adapt to change. Changes in the dynamics of doing business are moving at an exponential rate, keeping businesses and their stakeholders on their toes. Taking over the reins, San Francisco, CA headquartered TachTech is enlightening executives and entrepreneurs on how to leverage the rapidly accelerating technology curve while educating their teams on how to stay ahead of the curve. As a Cisco partner, TachTech offers a variety of web-scale IT data center solutions and services in the sectors of network, storage, security, and virtualization. “Cisco understands the challenges we are helping our clients to surmount,” says Kyle Rosenthal, CEO at TachTech. “Being valuable and at a unique position in the market, Cisco’s technology and resources have empowered us to bring timely and effective solutions to our clients’ table.”

In addition to enabling organizations to adapt in today’s evolving ecosystem, TachTech is also assisting enterprises in dealing with the rapidly increasing challenges of security and associated threats. “With our experience and expertise, we are helping organizations better understand how to approach, evaluate, and continually improve their security posture,” states Rosenthal. Toward this end, TachTech is developing best practices for continuous and comprehensive security monitoring. “We anticipate a growing demand for improved automation and orchestration of threat intelligence and incident response functions in organizations with mature security operations. As an enabler, we are well ahead of the curve in this area,” Rosenthal adds.

TachTech is making major investments in their alliance with Cisco in order to maintain their leading position in the areas of converged infrastructure, private/hybrid cloud, and security landscape. The company is also equipping its arsenal with the software-defined solutions to help clients fulfill their demands and reach their goals faster. “Our mission is to optimize our customers' operations, enable them to plan for the future, and offer a broad array of solutions through an extensive network of industry experts and partners,” says Rosenthal.
Such has always been TachTech’s mission. TachTech devotes great attention to studying best practices, emerging technologies, and challenges in web-scale environments. “We consult with IT luminaries to lay the groundwork and deliver highly differentiated services,” adds Rosenthal. Another major driver behind TachTech’s success is their vision of building a company where employees would want to spend decades. Toward this goal, TachTech has achieved an excellent rate of employee retention, because the company is dedicated to building a culture where talent can flourish.

With our experience and expertise, we are helping organizations better understand how to approach, evaluate, and continually improve their security posture

Other than having built commendable arsenal of services and a culture of personal growth for employees, Rosenthal has infused his own personality into the company to enhance its potential. As a dedicated student of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (“BJJ”), Rosenthal has developed strengths that are helping him take his company to new heights. “The BJJ athlete is required to be open and honest with oneself and one’s teammates to improve and earn respect both on and off the mat,” says Rosenthal. “It is a humbling and addictive endeavor that extends beyond the BJJ studio, and promotes a reflective and mindful presence in daily life. This philosophy extends to our corporate culture, community building, and the services we offer,” adds Rosenthal. There is a huge demand for high quality service delivered with trust and authenticity on a personal level, and people recognize and appreciate every time it’s offered.


San Francisco, CA

Kyle Rosenthal, CEO

A global provider of information technology solutions in the area of Networking,Storage, Security, and Virtualization.