TASKE Technology: World-Class Provider of Call Center Management and Monitoring Software

Dennis Johns, Founder & CEO
‘The power of listening’ is the first thing that comes to Dennis Johns’ mind, when he thinks about managing his company. “Listening enables both employees and customers to have a key role in the direction of products, as well as the company,” shares the CEO of TASKE Technology. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, TASKE Technology is a provider of web-based call reporting software solutions. With thousands of installations worldwide, TASKE supplements its solutions with superior technical support and expert services. “TASKE has an excellent reputation of offering proven, robust, and affordable products,” shares Johns. “Our primary verticals are Finance, Healthcare and Education. For these verticals in particular, customer interaction is primarily voice based,” he adds.

Organizations use TASKE to report on their entire inbound, outbound, and internal call activities. They take its help to monitor and improve the performance levels of their call center agents, and to keep a check on call volumes and agent availability. In the Call Management domain, TASKE provides various services and products, such as TASKE Contact, Reporter, Visualizer, and Essential. TASKE Visualizer performs complex call record searches for call centers and everyday businesses while TASKE Reporter makes the call reporting capabilities for businesses with small, or informal call centers, very easy and convenient. These products and solutions can also be tailored to meet the individual needs of members and levels of the contact center team. Further, the services delivery can also be customized, where customers can be provided with a ready to use solution. TASKE, in conjunction with the Cisco’s contact center platform, provides real time analytics to ensure the optimal utilization of different activities in the organization.

TASKE’s innovative approach in call visualization, web based interfaces, automated application administration and multi-platform support has helped various companies with their contact center operations. One of its long-term clients, ClearPoint, was utilizing TASKE’s solution since 2005. In 2009, the company changed their old telephone system platform to the Cisco UCCX (Unified Contact Center Express), for sophisticated call routing and comprehensive contact management capabilities.
Although the company tried to use the reports available with Cisco UCCX, they were not able to obtain the required information. In addition, the manual manipulation required to produce reports, made the process very cumbersome and led to delays in distributing reports to stakeholders, who needed to act on the information. Coming into the picture, TASKE not only saw that the migration was easy and seamless; it also helped ClearPoint extend their reporting functionalities of the Cisco solution.

“Typically, callers who were contacting ClearPoint’s contact center agents, were under financial stress and it was important that they did not experience long wait times in queues, while their agents properly handled the callers’ issues,” says Johns. For this reason, it became vital that ClearPoint should be able to evaluate queue and agent performance on an ongoing basis. TASKE provided the snapshots of these queues and agent activity regularly, for a clearer understanding among stakeholders.

Organizations use TASKE to report on their entire inbound, outbound, and internal call activities, and take its help to monitor and improve the performance levels of their call center agents

Johns believes that in future, voice based contact centers will be the preferred choice for the finance, healthcare and education industries. The technology platforms will change, however the requirement to manage human resources from a reporting and real-time standpoint will remain the same. “In the upcoming years,” shares Johns, “We see a merging of reporting and real-time functions into a single analytics platform. We also plan to extend our forecasting and scheduling capabilities to make managing simpler,” he concludes.

TASKE Technology

Ontario, Canada

Dennis Johns, Founder & CEO

Provider of web-based call reporting software solutions with real-time and historical call reporting functionality.