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Matthew M. Gibson, Co-Founder, CEO and President, Syngrafii
Matthew M. Gibson, Co-Founder, CEO and President, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Syngrafii</a>

Matthew M. Gibson, Co-Founder, CEO and President, Syngrafii

“The one word that encapsulates 2020 for Syngrafii is “growth.” Not only has this growth been technical, commercial and geographic, but Syngrafii, as a pioneer in video signing with its proprietary Video Signing Room™ known as VSR™, has been able to expandrapidly due to the current work fromhome environment.

The company’s technology positions it as the only e-signature or remote signing company that can offer a full suite of state of the art e-signature products spanning iinked Paper™, VSR™ and — when paper signatures are still required for regulatory or internal compliance reasons — a wet ink signature remotely from anywhere in the world via a robotic pen known as The LongPen.™

Today, Syngrafii’s diverse technology portfolio provides clients with the opportunity to remotely complete transactions on both digital and physical documents using original, one-time-use ink-based signatures, thereby securely supporting high-level transactions. Our e-signature and video signing technology is increasingly the first choice for financial, governmental, legal, and corporate transactions,” says Matthew M. Gibson President, CEO, and co-founder of the company.

Clients can choose, depending on the business case and legal requirements e-signatures, video signing, the LongPen, a combination, or all of these. This distinct but interwoven set of three options has allowed Syngrafii to become the “Front Office to your Home Office™.” The ability to review and execute contracts remotely via video is providing Syngrafii’s clientsthe ability to better acquire and service their customers in a highly compliant, single technology platform. This increases economic efficiencies, provides better consumer protection, and allows for face-to-face meetings to concludewith a signed contract, executed in a socially distant manner. 

  The technology does not allow the cutting and pasting of signatures or the reproduction of proxy (typed or image-based) signatures 

Iinked Paper is also being increasinglyadopted not solely because of its ease of use but, more importantly,because  governments, law firms and financial institutions are recognizing the underlying commitment to compliance that the biometrics that underpin Syngrafii’s technology, make the one-time usage of a signature non-refutable. The Power of Biometrics is supported by a detailed audit trail in aMasterFile — which can be cloud hosted or aon customer’s on-premise server —and Syngrafii’s exclusion of “proxy signatures” and stored signatures from its operating platform. All signatures must be applied in each location of a document as if they were pen to paper. The ability to have the video, the signed documents and the Masterfile in one location is understood by our legal clients to provide a secure but also a cost-effective solution to future e-discovery concerns.

This year Syngrafii’s North American, European and Global sales have expanded. This is in part because Spanish and French language functionalities have been added to the platform, but mainly due to significant marketing initiativesthroughout the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Syngrafii is confident that its own creative ideas, based on many years of experience with signatures and its client-driven technology development path are keeping its position as the largest patent holder in video signing and compliant signatures intact. Syngrafii is proving this to its customers by having followed through its first of the year commitment to regularly release new versions of its web-based platform.

Next year Syngrafii will expand its sales footprint and operating languages and willrelease additional technical features that will serve to further disrupt the e-signature market.  These enhancements will make it easier for a businesses to seamlessly migrate from whatever current solution they are using to Syngrafii — the most flexible, compliant, and secure platform in the industry.

These technical steps will be underscored by the Pay As You Sign™ pricing model that allows its clients firm-wide access to its platform with no oppressive, expensive fixed monthly overheads to execute Signature Packages.