OrecX, LLC: Call Recording for Cisco

When calling a customer service desk, a consumer is often greeted with the statement—“the call will be recorded for training and quality assessment purposes.” While this message might be irrelevant to the callers, for contact centers and business VoIP providers, the significance of this recording is paramount. Recorded calls help companies gain consumer insights, train new employees, improve sales strategy, verify orders, resolve disputes and more.

In the past, enterprises relied heavily upon proprietary recording systems, which tend to be rigid in terms of capabilities and features, evolve slowly, require trained professionals to operate, and, above all, are expensive. Present-day organizations covet more flexible alternatives, which can free companies from the vendor lock-in of proprietary packages. This includes the hardware, the data and the interoperability with PBX and third-party systems.

Chicago-based OrecX offers the most flexible and open call recording software, which gives Cisco users most control over. OrecX features an open data model, open API, open file formats, multiple protocol support (IETF and ITU), and an open web interface. Combined with a low cost and flexible licensing model, Cisco channel partners can generate the most revenue by reselling OrecX and additional revenue with value-add professional services and integration.

Steve Kaiser, co-founder and CEO of OrecX, explains that call recording has always been viewed as a stand-alone function. Changing the perspective and implementing a solution that efficiently records calls and associated metadata and allows that data to be repurposed in Speech Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions creates opportunities to increase the value of the solution exponentially. This is where OrecX’s uniqueness starts. While other vendors build closed, rigid, and proprietary applications, OrecX attracts a broad ecosystem of partners in areas such as speech analytics, voice biometrics, and business intelligence by providing access and control to call and associated metadata. The result: OrecX offers a full-featured call recording and quality management solution that is modular and scalable, and most importantly, puts control of the application in the hands of the customer.

The Oreka Total Recording (TR) software is compliance-tested and approved for all CISCO VoIP platforms, namely Cisco Call Manager (CUCM), Cisco Skinny, and Cisco IP Contact Center (IPCC).

OrecX’s suite of recording solutions aims to meet three key requirements of a call center: compliance, performance, and risk management

The company’s suite includes Oreka TR (total recording), Oreka CR (cloud recording), Oreka QM (quality monitoring), Oreka SC (screen capture), Oreka MR (mobile recording), and Oreka GPL (open source recorder).

Kaiser explains that OrecX’s suite of Cisco recording solutions can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, scales to tens of thousands of recorded subscribers, and it is the only recorder which is OWASP Level 2 compliant. The company offers free open source recording software for basic needs and commercial open source for enhanced capabilities.

OrecX also offers several benefits to its channel partners. Kaiser elaborates, “Our offerings help them effectively meet numerous use cases, and they can also leverage our support and development engineers to test and run their solutions. We also have been working with Cisco and its channel community for years. We are very comfortable with the Cisco platform as well as its resellers and end users.”

OrecX’s commitment not only lies in meeting present demands but also in preparing businesses for the future. Leveraging modern and open design standards such as Google Angular (UI) and RESTful API, OrecX is prepared to evolve with its partners/customers use cases, “This will allow our platform partners, integration partners, and OEMs to build better work optimization and speech analytics solutions,” concludes Kaiser.

OrecX, LLC

Chicago, IL

Steve Kaiser, Co-Founder and CEO

Offers the most affordable, easy to install, maintain, and use call recording software for contact centers and business VoIP providers